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We protect your investment, see Testimonials & BBB rating of A+.

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We advertise your property on Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, etc. to 30 million viewers per month.

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We find the best tenants for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does FRBO charge to manage a property?

$150 flat fee per month. See Property Management Agreement (PMA) for details.

What programs are offered by FRBO?

1. Property management, including tenant search and leasing (for owners who need both tenants & management).

2. Tenant search and leasing only (findings qualified tenants only).

3. Property management only (property already rented but needs rent collection and management).

How does FRBO qualify a tenant?

Credit and criminal background check, employment verification, income verification through pay stubs, and previous landlord or mortgage history are normally performed.

How do I determine the rent amount?

We have experience establishing the correct rent amount based on our 30 years of experience, knowledge of the current market and access to computer-based models. Call or email us to request an accurate market analysis.

Why is FRBO a good choice for Property Management?

The directors and staff have over 100 years cumulative experience in residential rental property management, including HOA violations, marijuana-related issues, domestic violence, habitability, evictions and even deaths in properties.

Are there additional fees such as vendor mark-up or invoice processing?

No. See Property Management Agreement for details.

How long does it take to find a tenant?

Finding a tenant usually takes from three days to two weeks. We maintain a list of prospective tenants. The time required also depends on the owner’s desire for a certain type of tenant or lease terms, such as tenancy commencement or duration, non-smoker or no pets.

How are rents received and bills paid?

Most tenants pay rent electronically on the first day of the month directly into the owners Property Management Account set up by FRBO at 1st Bank.

Bills (HOA dues, invoices, mortgages, etc.) are paid by FRBO or the owner from that one account. This gives the owner an individual and accurate history of deposits and withdrawals.

Can I talk to a real person in the office?

Yes, by phone at 303-663-0000 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Can I access my property management bank account?

Yes, owners have 24/7 phone access to Property Management Accounts at 1st Bank. Call 303-688-5000 (or call Brenda at 303-660-7960 during office hours). Online banking is also available anywhere in the world over the Internet.

What if the tenant does not pay rent?

We discuss the situation with the tenant to determine if the non-payment is due to job loss, medical problems or the like. If so, we discuss the best course of action with the owner. Normally, we follow our standard procedure of posting a 10-Day Demand Notice, and eviction if necessary. This process normally takes 30 to 60 days.

What types of property does FRBO manage?

We manage single family detached homes, townhomes and condos. We do not manage commercial properties.

Where does FRBO manage properties?

In the Denver Metro Area (Counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, Jefferson, but not Boulder)

What fees and expenses can a property owner (landlord) deduct for tax purposes?

Consult your tax professional but normally you can deduct all expenses, including FRBO management and leasing fees, repair expenses, mortgage interest, property taxes, depreciation, HOA fees, insurance costs, legal fees and some hotel and travel expenses incurred to inspect your rental property.

How does FRBO help owners with accumulating, re-investing or disposing of real estate?

Our office has experience in purchasing additional rental properties, 1031 Exchanges and selling rentals to existing tenants to avoiding real estate listing fees. Starting 2021, our emphasis has also been to educate and assist first time home buyers with obtaining the down payment and purchase.

Can owners advertise their property themselves?

Yes. Go to For $20, your property advertisement can be quickly posted and uploaded to other rental sites such as Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, etc.

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FRBO Property Management

About Us

FRBO started in 1997 as a Douglas County-based corporation managing properties in the Denver Metro Area. The company’s philosophy and employee guideline is to, “Do what is best for the owner.” With that simple statement to guide us, our company has written over 5,000 leases, helped investors purchase properties, assisted in tenants purchases from owners and educated owners and tenants in real estate law.


Dave Watts - President of the Property Management Company, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Instructor and Author of the book, “The Powerful Little Real Estate Book” available on


Office: 303-663-0000

Cell: 720-290-7535


Lauren Capper - Associate broker with over 8 years of property management and accounting experience.


Office: 303-663-0000

Fax : 303-688-2227

Leasing Agent

Eddie Ellington - Real estate agent with 30 years’ experience in Buying, Selling, Consulting, Investing & Managing properties.

Email: Eddie's Email

Email: Eddie's Email

Office: 303-663-0000

Cell: 720-838-6714

Associate Broker

Elaine Love - Elaine Love - Associate Broker with 15 years property management experience. Past President of The Rotary Club of Castle Rock. Paul Harris Society Chair of Rotary District 5450 from 2013 through 2023 and served 6 years as Rotary zone Paul Harris Society Chair.


Email: Elaine's Email

Office: 303-663-0000

Cell: 970-846-1311

What Our Clients Say


  • “FRBO manages my former residence in Colorado and one other rental. I can always count on them to perform any special tasks on my investment properties.”

    - Roger Laton -

    Roger is a former Major in the Marine Corps,
    retired and now lives in Alabama.

  • “FRBO has managed a number of my properties for nearly two decades and their honesty and personal service puts them far above any other property management company.”

    - Ward Lucas -

    Ward is the author of “Neighbors at War”,
    The true and unpleasant truth about HOAs.

  • “FRBO has managed my property since 1997. Rents are always in the bank every month. Thanks Dave.”

    - Steve Soper -

    Steve is an engineer and builds large-scale power plants around the world, now living in Vietnam.

  • "Upon relocating from Washington, we rented from FRBO. It's a good company and as a tenant, we appreciated their consideration during our tenancy.”

    - Ron Throupe -

    Ron holds a Ph.D. in Real Estate
    and teaches at Denver University.

  • “I turned my property over to FRBO in 1997. They have raised rents in line with the market over time and I have had wonderful tenants. The last tenant stayed eight years.”

    - Stan Olsen -

    Stan is a world traveler and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • “When I first met Dave at FRBO, I only had one investment property. FRBO helped me purchase and expand my investments to nine rental properties. Thanks folks!”.

    - Gus Exarchos -

    Gus is a hard working businessman and invests in real estate. Gus lives in California

  • “FRBO helped me sell two rental properties to my tenant saving the 6% real estate fee and the hassle of listing on the MLS.”

    - Don Brown -

    Don was a corporate president / board member of an international pharmaceutical company and a Colorado native now living in Florida.

  • “I've been with FRBO for 18 years. Dave and his team take care of my properties, deal with the HOAs and find me great tenants. I trust them 100%.”

    - Randall Brant -

    Randall was Display Advertising Director for the Denver Post, he now resides in North Carolina.

  • “Eddie has been amazing to work with! In all our interactions, she has been warm, thorough, and extremely helpful. When I had multiple questions about the lease, the unit, and the amenities, Eddie took the time to answer any questions and stay on the phone with me. I would highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity.”

    - Emily V -

    Helped me rent a home.

  • “Eddie was amazing to work with. Very insightful of the area and very professional. The process took less than 2 days after viewing. Would highly recommend!”

    - Andrew S Helstad -

    Helped me rent a home in Castle rock, CO.

  • “I needed help fining a rental to stay in while working in CO. I contacted Eddie after finding a few of her listings. She was very responsive and helped me find the perfect spot. The process was easy and the FRBO staff has been very accommodating. I had a great experience.”

    - Michael Cobb -

    Helped me rent a Condo home in Castle rock, CO.

  • “Words them self cannot describe how perfect Eddie made the experience of getting a home for our family. I highly recommend Eddie to anyone in Colorado. The experience was truly amazing quick fast and effortless! So if you are looking to rent or buy look no further she is perfect!!”

    - Justin Trent -

    Helped me rent a Single Family home in The meadows, Castle Rock, CO.

  • “Eddie did a great job helping us get into a rental. We weren't quite ready to buy yet and she was able to set us up with a 3 year lease to allow time to save up funds. Since moving in, they have always been super responsive. I would definitely recommend Eddie and her crew to anyone looking to rent or buy.”

    - Heather Satterfield -

    Helped me rent a Single Family home in Elizabeth, CO

  • “When we saw a rental sign and called or texted she responded in an appropriate time. Answered any and all questions we had and helped us navigate getting a rental home.”

    - Sheryl Horner -

    Helped me rent a Single Family home in Castle Rock, CO.

  • “Eddie held my hand and helped me through this process and helped me into the home of my dreams. Everything from the tour through to moving in has been so smooth. Communication has been spot on and I am so thankful for finding this company and such an amazing realtor.”

    - Rachel Harless -

    Helped me rent a home in Trail, BC.

  • “Eddie is very friendly and easy to work with. She addressed all our questions and issues that came up during the renting process. We would use her again.”

    - Dustin Huntzinger -

    Helped me rent a Single Family home in Willow Park, Parker, CO.

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Work Together


Realtors and Property Managers often work together to offer more comprehensive services to benefit the client. Realtors help sell and buy properties as an agent for the seller or buyer. Property Managers manage real property and interface with the owners over an extended period of time as a “general agent”.

FRBO pays a fee to Realtors for referring properties that become managed by FRBO.

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